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Poster: Jim F Date: Feb 26, 2011 12:18am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: anyone else like this?

Stu's a great guitar player, but he's a much better fit for JGB than he is for GD material, imo (see the DSO tour from last April with him). I think things are perfect the way they are in the recreationist Grateful Dead world-Mattson is great for DSO, Stu is great for Melvin+JGB, and John is great for Furthur, who I really really enjoyed seeing yet at the same time am a bit saddened that Phil and Bobby are going for the recreationist "fake Jerry" thing.

Not that I'm entirely opposed to tribute bands, hell I used to "work" for one that Stu was in for a while and who I used to go see every week (more on that below). But I feel that recreationism should be best left to those who weren't actually in the Grateful Dead. Something that should be done for fun in your local scene/on a smaller scale, or something people should do when all the guys from the GD are long dead and gone. That said, I'm not opposed to a DSO or Furthur show once in a while.

The one thing I don't really care much for with Stu is his singing voice. It's almost like he tries too hard to sound like "Old Jerry." I've seen Stu play dozens of times over the years, with Melvin but mostly with The Schwag, the local GD tribute here in St. Louis who Stu did a stretch with and who I used to be an archivist of sorts for (The Schwag's frontman/bass player is Melvin's bass player these days). I even had the pleasure of getting to "sing" onstage with him once when they played my friend's wedding a while back (weddings with open bars can bring out the best and worst in people). He's a nice guy and a great guitar player. But I've never really been able to get into the Melvin/JGB thing, mostly because it seems to be more like the latter era/Melvin era JGB, which I'm just really not all that into. I'm more of a 73-75/LOMary type of Garcia guy. The Merl years will always be my favorite (the Keith years are ok, too).

Here's an interesting article that more people should read and know about.